"Glass mingles with light, forming an idyllic couple which the glassworker must be careful not to break. The glassworker's role is merely to tune respectfully the matter and the place in the right vibration. Humility towards his own creations is his only ally." Isa

If the ancient art of stained-glass has long been reserved to religious edifices, it has started spreading out of churches and cathedrals, without losing neither its aesthetic virtues nor its calling for spiritual awakening.

Today, many places are illuminated by modern stain-glass : schools, town halls, offices, companies and even private homes.

My work as a glassworker is to find a fair balance between the place, the person, the ambiance, the theme, the aspect, and to conceive the model that best reflects this balance, in a figurative, abstract, symbolic or comic way.

I may work alone or along with other Master Craftsmen or Artists, who share my enthusiasm for Creation and Art.